Kanrakuji Temple

According to legend, the temple has been founded by Gyogi, one of the Shisho (Holy Four) of Todaiji Temple in Nara, and became the place of imperial prayer for safe delivery of Emperor Kanmu during Enryaku Period (AC 782-806). Walking up a temple path in the forest for a few minutes, you will find the temple gate and main hall. Statues of Kongo Rikishi in both sides of the temple gate is said to be created by a Buddhist sculptor of Keiha school in 12th century. Their dynamic carving of bodies and garments are recognized to have high artistic values and designated as the Kyoto Heritage Cultural Property. In the research conducted by Kyoto National Museum in 1970, they are valued as one of the national cultural treasuries.

The location is a little tricky, it would be better to ask at the information centre which locates 5 min drive from the spot in advance.