Enjoy West Region of Miyama - One Day Plan

Visitors wishing to enjoy culture and nature in Miyama

After appreciating art exhibited in the Kayabuki Art Museum & Folklore Museum, relax at local cafe. Also, visit Ono Dam Park.


  • Yebisu Woods Garden Cafe

  • Ono Dam

【Use Nantan City Bus】Enjoy West Region of Miyama Plan

Cherry Blossom and/or autumn leaves seasons.
Required Day/Tima: One Day

13:10 Depart JR Hiyoshi Station by Nantan City Bus
13:47 Arrive Miyawaki Bus Stop
  (transfer the bus)
13:55 Depart Miyawaki Bus Stop bound for Izumi
13:59 Arrive Samotobashi Bus Stop
  Visit Kayabuki Art Museum and Folklore Museum
(Closed on Mondays)
15:51 Depart Samotobashi Bus Stop
15:53 Arrive Izumi Bus Stop
  Coffee break at Yebisu Woods Garden Cafe or Cycle Seeds
16:22 Depart Izumi Bus Stop
16:46 Arrive Ono Dam Bus Stop
  Strolling about Ono Dam Park.  Visit Ono Dam Visitor Center (you can get Dam Card here.)
17:42 Depart Ono Dam Bus Stop
17:55 Arrive JR Wachi Station