Riverside Activities

The waters of the Yura river are so clear that you can see straight down to the riverbed, not to mention see all the sweetfish and even their fry swimming about, without goggles. This is an excellent place for kids to pick up stones, try to catch small fish and otherwise enjoy spending time at the riverside. It goes without saying that, as this is a riverside, preventative measures against drowning and other water-related accidents must be taken when playing here. If you would like more information about enjoying yourself on the river, please contact the NPO Ashiu Natural Sciences School.


Tour Name Sweetfish (Ayu) Catching 
Host Miyama Nature & Culture Village
Available Period  From late June to late August
Required Time 40 minutes
Price Adult ¥2,000/person 
Reservation  7 days in advance
Departure Point Miyama Town Nature & Culture Village Kajikaso Inn
Pickup Service Available
Payment Cash only (upon your arrival)
Inquiry Miyama Nature & Culture Village Kajikaso Inn
Phone 0771-77-0014(9:00 - 21:00)
Website 【HP】 【Facebook】