Access (Public transport)

Public transportation

  • Nantan city bus

  • Kita, Kayabuki no sato bus stop

  • JR Hiyoshi station

Nantan city bus runs from JR Hiyoshi staion.
Take a local or rapid train along the JR Sagano line to Sonobe from Kyoto JR station, which takes about 40 minutes.
Most trains require a transfer at Sonobe station to go to Hiyosi station.
The JR line is covered by the JR Rail Pass.
From Hiyoshi station, take a Nantan City Bus into Miyama (45 minutes, 600 yen single ticket to Kita).
Most buses but a few depart from Hiyoshi Station.  The first and the last bus depart from Sonobe Station.  

For more information check the article below.

Kyoto-Miyama Excursion Bus by Keihan Kyoto

Service is provided from spring to autumn (April to November).  Available in weekends and public holidays.  
The bus will not be operated on 28th to 30th November. 

RESERVATION : Required (If there is vacancy you can get a seat on the spot)
PRICE : JPY 3600 (Round trip) / JPY 1800 (One-way)
BUS STOP:JR KYOTO Station Hachijo exit F3 bus terminal