E-bike Picnic in Miyama


JPY5,500/pp+ JPY1,000 deposit/bike
(incl. E-bike rental, lunch set, picnic set rental (basket, blanket and thermo bottle) and insurance) 

Cycle around mountain village Miyama by E-bike & enjoy outdoor lunch of local ingredients!

E-bikes make bicycle travel easier and more efficient!  You can travel hills and mountains in Miyama farther with less effort.   Also, you can enjoy picnic lunch  prepared by local restaurants in Miyama. 
Start from Miyama Road-side Station (Kyoto-Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center) and pick up your lunch box with picnic set (a basket and a blanket) at the restaurant of your choice to enjoy outdoor lunch. Visit Miyama's thatched village (kayabuki-no-sato) and explore other scenic landscape before and/or after your lunch.

Available in spring, summer and autumn

・Kambee, Chinsenro, and Ewa Land: Every day (except Wed. or Thurs.) from April to November
・Kajikaso: Every day (except the 2nd Mon., Wed. or Thurs.) from April to November
・Tautasya: Every day (except Tue. Wed. or Thurs.) from April to November

Activity rules

- Minimum of 2 participants
- Maximum of 8 participants
- E-bike is "drop" handlebar type bike.  A participant must be 155cm height or taller.  No kid bike is available. 
- Suitable attire for bicycle ride.

Lunch pick up choice

Lunch box from 5 local restaurants.   
* choose one of the following restaurants at your booking
* lunch image is for illustrative purpose.  Ingredients vary in each season.


15 minutes by bike from departure point.

At Kambee, you can enjoy lunch boxes that use plenty of seasonal ingredients, rice balls and chicken tempura.


40 minutes by bike from departure point.

Ryokan chef's special lunch box.... fish sandwich made with fresh fish from Wakasa bay and variety of Miyama's ingredients.


40 minutes by bike from departure point.

Miyama Special Lunch Box .... cheese omelette of free range eggs in Miyama with cheese from Miyama milk (pasteurize milk), homemade bread; milk jam made by Miyama milk, Miyama's venison sausage and other Miyama ingredients.  Miyama milk is also served.

◆Ewa Land

50 minutes by bike from departure point.

A menu including rice burgers made with Ewa Land's home-grown rice and seasonal ingredients.
For the rice burger, in addition to one vegetable from the fixed menu, you can choose one from three menu: fried chicken with sweet vinegar and tartar sauce(chicken nanban), ginger simmered venison(Miyama deer shigureni), and fish.


80 minuts by bike from departure point.

All home made lunch ..... home baked bread using natural yeast; organic vegetables from Tautasya's farm and roasted venisons hunted by them.  
* without drinks

Outdoor lunch spot

  • Kajikaso・Chinsenro Area

  • Tautasya's wooden terrace

Each restaurant of your choice will tell you their nearby recommended picnic spots.

Departure & Return Point

  • Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center

  • Check the course map with our staff before you start.

Departure/Return Point:Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center
(23 Shimo Agake Miyama Town Nantan City Kyoto Prefecture)
Open:9:00~17:00(Closed Wed.)
*Please return e-bike at the original departure point.

Timeframe for E-bike rental/return and Lunch pick up/return

・E-bike rental at Departure point (Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center)
Rental available hours  9:00~11:30
Return hours ~17:00

・Picnic set rental at restaurant of your choice
Pick up hours 11:30~13:00 
Return hours ~15:00

Rental items

  • ※The above image is illustration purpose only.

・picnic basket
・thermo pot with drink (Kambee/Chinsenro/Ewa Land)
・cup (Kambee/Chinsenro/Ewa Land/Tautasya)
* Please return rental items to the restaurant

Bad weather

<Cancellation due to bad weather - Previous Day>
In case heavy rain/storm warning for Nantan City is effective as of 10:00 on the previous day, or chance of rain forecast of the tour date is 80% or higher, the tour will be cancelled (we'll notify you.)  No cancellation charge.

<Bad weather on the tour date>
If no heavy rain/storm warning for Nantan City is effective, you may decide to proceed your tour.  Please bring a raincoat. (You can buy a raincoat at the shop near Visitor Center.)

Cancellation Policy

7-2 days prior: 30%
Previous day: 40%
Tour date: 100%
※No cancellation charge up to the previous day in case of cancellations due to bad weather. 

Additional Information

・Bring your ID (passport, driver's licence) to rent a bike.

・This bike rental service does not have a basket. Please come with a backpack or other bag that is easy to cycle with.You can leave your luggage at the Kyoto Tamba Kogen National Park Visitor Center (bicycle rental office).

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