Fish catching, kayaking, rafting - river activities for all generations -

Relax and unwind your mind and body in the heart of nature's bounty and fresh water!

Pristine water of Miyama river is safe and easy river, best suitable for river activities that both children and adults can fully enjoy.   You may just get into clear fresh river water in bear feet or try water adventures like kayaking, rafting, shower climbing or canyoning with instructors.  In this section, we've interviewed Homaru Fujiwara, the founder of Tautasya and master of water activities himself, on how to enjoy river activities in Miyama and how they are fascinating.

Safe and thrilling river

——Why are you so passionate about the Miyama river? Why Tautasya introduce various river activities as well as nature experiencing tour progmam?

Homaru: Miyama river is located very close to human dwellings and it had been a part of life of the people living there for long time.  Villagers had been living and farming beside the river since early times, proving that the river rarely breaks its banks and safe.  At the same time, Miyama river is not boring at all!   You can even enjoy diving from the rocks into the river.  I would say, it's one of the best clean meandering rivers in Japan you can enjoy safe and thrilling experience.  

Various activities suitable for all generations

——What activities can we experience in the Miyama river?

Homaru:  Anyone can experience fish catching.  No need for fishing rods. Just experience simple hand fishing or hand net fishing!!   Children age 10 or over can experinece rafting, kayaking, canyoning or other fun activities.  Various activity programs are available at Tautasya.  Young parents with small chidren or infants may enjoy river trekking.   Guide staff will support them to enjoy "safe and thrilling" river activities.  

Thrilling shower climbing!

Homaru:   Shower climbing involves climbing up valleys while in contact with water.  It's the highlight of river activities.  In Miyama, there are small waterfalls children can experience shower climbing, too.  The guides support kids to challenge adventures in nature which help them to learn a lot about how to live in nature.  I'm sure such experience is priceless for them.

If parents love their children, send them out into the river.

——Why do you recommend children's river activities?


Watching beatiful nature and living creatures generates a sense of awe before nature.  Feeling nature risks by experiencing river adventures generates a sense of danger in nature. Eating fishes in river caught by themselves generates a sense of catching what they eat by themselves.  You can experience the same in mountains but it's much easier and fun to experience in the river!  I strongly feel we need to increase children having abundant experiences in nature.  Otherwise, I doubt people in next generation can make harmonious coexistence with the global environment.  I hope more children learn how to do fishing and to taste natural flavour of river fishes, long time inherited living and culture in Japan.    

No T-shirts for river activities?

——What is suitable clothing for river activity beginners?

Homaru:  Long sleeves top and long pants to cover your skin are recommended. The attire protects you from insect bites and sunburns.  Also, you can escape with a minor injury in case you fell down in the river.  Quick-drying materials rather than cotton wears are better.  Don't forget to bring extra clothes in case you get wet.  If you want to enjoy active water sports, you'll need life jackets.  Please refer recommended gear list at Tautasya's website (in Japanese).

The river is for everyone!

——Finally, please tell us how to behave in river, if any.

Homaru: Basic rule is "take your rubbish home!"  Also, please keep in your mind about fishery rights.  All fishermen purchase fishery right tickets to do fishing and silently enjoy their fishing time.  Be careful not to disturb them.  Also, be mindful to others doing other activities in the river.  Remember the river is for everyone!    

The summer is the best season for outdoor activities.  Come to Miyama to challenge water activities!

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