Ryokan ChinsenroRyokan Chinsenro

This lodging is located 1.2km upstream from Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato). All of the rooms overlook the Miyamagawa river and each room has its own charming view. The open air bath or rotenburo, comes from a natural spring running in the valley. Chinsenro pride themselves on their high level of service and their cuisine which is excellent. They select the finest ingredients grown in Miyama including wild boar and deer. It may be possible for them to pick you up and drop you off in Kayabuki no Sato and places nearby as well, so don’t forget to mention this when making your reservation.

Name Ryokan Chinsenro
Address 〒 601−0713 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Nakauwamae 26
Business time Check-in: 15:00 Check-out: 10:00 Restaurant Lunch 11:30-15:00 Dinner 15:00-19:00
Fixed holiday Please contact us.
WiFi Available
Credit card Available
Accepted credit card brands Visa Master JCB Diners Club
Price One night with two meals¥17800~ Lunch ¥1,500~2,000 Dinner ¥5,000~
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