Miyama Omoshiro Farm ClubMiyama Omoshiro Farm Club

Omoshiro farm club specialize in meat, specifically sausages and ham. Their lunch menu has a variety of sandwiches and meat platters as well as home baked cakes and drinks. The cafe itself is a wooden house that has a warm atmosphere and a balcony so you can eat outside when the weather is nice. Everything at this shop, from their ham, bacon, sausage components of pork, deer, and poultry, to the vegetables and smoked foods are all locally produced and 100% additive-free.

Name Miyama Omoshiro Farm Club
Address 〒 601-0724 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Uchikubo Ikenotani 33-1 ("Minami" bus stop)
Business time 10:00 - sunset
Fixed holiday Every Tuesday, New Year's (December 30th to January 7th)
Credit card Other
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