This restaurant specializes in seasonal vegetables, foods grilled over a traditional sunken hearth, and regional chicken dishes, as well as dessert and coffee courses. Depending on the season, you will be able to get ayu, or sweetfish, salt-grilled to perfection here, or sukiyaki-style chicken hotpot too. If you would like to take a break and enjoy a leisurely meal, this is the place to visit. At the moment, a reservation is required (at least one day in advance) in order to eat here, so please contact us to reserve your place at their table.


Name Yururi
Address 〒 601-0764 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Morisatosanozen 15
Business time Lunch time: from 12:00 Dinner time: from 18:00 (limited to one group/couple)
Fixed holiday Closed on days with no reservations, winter season (January and February)
WiFi Available
Credit card Other
Languages Japanese
Access 35 min drive from Miyama Thatched roof village (Kayabuki no Sato) 20 min drive from Tourist Information Centre
Price Lunch ¥3300~ Dinner ¥5500~
E-mail 0771759030 (English)
Web site URL