Ayu Sweetfish Festival

Ayu Sweetfish Festival is an annual event since 1984.
A perfect day out with your family or friends.  Enjoy ayu sweetfish catching activity as well as various other activities, such as mochi pounding, fireworks and bon dancing (traditional folk dance).

【Time Schedule】
12:00 Start Time. Food stalls open.
12:30 Mochi pounding and other activities
16:30 Stage shows
18:30 Bon dancing
19:30 Fireworks
20:00 Lottery

【Ayu Sweetfish Catching Activity】
 Reception:Miyama Nature & Culture Village ※reception starts from an hour before each round. 

Price:2000yen (middle school student or older)/1500yen (primary school pupil) ※ Infant below primary school is free of charge.  An infant or a child must be accompanied by his/her parent.
Location:Riverbed of Yura river close to Miyama Nature & Culture Village 
Inquiry: Miyama Tourism Association  0771‐75‐9030
     Miyama Nature & Culture Village  0771-77-0014