Yasaka Parade Festival

To prevent coronavirus spreading, the ritual ceremony is held for local villagers this year (July 2020). Please refrain from visiting from outside. We look forward to your visiting next year.


A regular festival held at Yasaka shrine in order to pray for abundant crops, this offering and performance takes place every July 14th. Three dance and music performances of kagura, sangiri, nigimakura featuring mythical and folk characters like the tengu (long-nosed goblin), oni (ogres), hyottoko (clown-like man), otafuku (plain Jane), jiji (old man), and others are presented as the procession is made. These events serve to not only entertain, but to preserve and protect the traditions of Miyama.




Name Yasaka Parade Festival
Address Kyōto Nantan Miyama Tauta
E-mail 0771759030

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