Access (Public transportation)

Nantan City Bus for Miyama is out of operation during New Year's holiday

Nantan City Bus is out of operation from 29 December 2024 to 3 January 2025.
*Please note no public transportation for Kyoto Miyama available during the above period.

Public transportation [JR train and Nantan city bus]

  • Nantan city bus

  • Kita, Kayabuki no sato bus stop

  • JR Hiyoshi station

Nantan city bus runs from JR Hiyoshi staion.
Take a local or rapid train along the JR San-in line to Sonobe from Kyoto JR station, which takes about 35~40 minutes.
Most trains require a transfer at Sonobe station to go to Hiyoshi station.
The JR line is covered by the JR Rail Pass.
From Hiyoshi station, take a Nantan City Bus into Miyama (45 minutes, 600 yen single ticket to Kita).
Most buses but a few depart from Hiyoshi Station. 
The first and the last bus depart from Sonobe Station.

◆Information for Nantan City Bus
✓Pay the bus fare on board.
✓Prepaid transportation cards (IC cards) is not available. Please pay by cash.
✓There is no bus stop announcement in the bus. Tell your destination when you get on the bus.

For more information check the article below.