Excursion Bus for Miyama from JR Sonobe

Enjoy one day trip for Kyoto Miyama

Departure Point - JR Sonobe Station West Side

JR Sonobe Station West Exit
*Bus Stop at Sonobe Station

Operating Days

Everyday from 16th September to 1st December 2023
*Operated on 1st December (Friday) due to Miyama’s Thatched Village Water Hose Festival.


<Round trip>
Adult \2,400/Child \1,200

<One way>
Adult \1,200/Child \600

Bus Route

■Time table
JR Sonobe⇒Miyama
10:30[DEP] JR Sonobe Station
11:15[ARR] Roadside Station
11:25[ARR] Miyama's Thatched Village
11:29[ARR] Chimigushi
11:30[ARR] Miyama Nature & Culture Village

Miyama⇒JR Sonobe
13:20[DEP] Miyama Nature & Culture Village
13:21[DEP] Chimigushi
13:25[ARR] Miyama's Thatched Village
14:45[DEP] Miyama's Thatched Village
14:48[ARR] Ohishi Brewery
15:13[DEP] Ohishi Brewery
15:23[ARR] Roadside Station
15:48[DEP] Roadside Station
16:33[ARR] JR Sonobe Station

*Please note Miyama's Thatched Village will be the final stop only on 1st December(Water Hose Festival).

One round trip per day

Direct Bus for Miyama from JR Sonobe operates one round trip per day only.
Please be sure to arrive on time to avoid missing the bus.


Please make reservation from here:
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