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Tour Guide-Interpreter/Local English Tour Guide

Miyama's Local English Tour Guide

Miyama Local English Tour Guide is Miyama's locally licenced tour guide interpreter.
The guides had completed the course which includes lectures on Miyama's history and culture as well as lectures/training by the highly skilled tour guide instructor on how to guide inbound tourists from various countries in the world.  Also, they completed the course on emergency life saving skills.
Most of them are residents of Miyama who can share their personal review of daily life in Miyama to give tourists more informed perspective of the town.

Tours and prices

  • Miyama's thatched village

  • Miyama Folklore Museum

  • Chii Hachiman Shrine

①Miyama's Thatched Village (kayabuki-no-sato) 90 min. tour

Tourist bus parking lot =>Souvenir shop (no entry) => Red mailbox => Cafe Saika (no entry) => Miyama Folklore Museum (no entry) => Little Indigo Museum => Miyama Folklore Museum  (tour ends)
# of participants 2~5  5~20 Age 12-18
Price JPY10,000/group JPY2,000/pp JPY1,000/pp

② Miyama's Thatched Village (kayabuki-no-sato) 120 min tour

Tourst bus parking lot => Souvenir shop (no entry) => Red mailbox => Chii Hachiman Shrine => Little Indigo Museum => Miyama Folklore Museum (tour ends) 
# of participants 2~5 5~20 Age12-18
Price JPY13,000/group JPY2,500/pp JPY1,000/pp

※ During the tour, no entry to cafe, souvenir shop and museum.  Please enjoy them after the tour ends.  Especially, please enter the Miyama Folklore Museum to view the backside of thatched roofs and inside of thatched roof house. Entrance fee for Miyama Folklore Museum is included in the tour price. 

③ Private guide 

Private guide for your desired sightseeing spots/activities.

Duration 2 hours or less 2-4 hours 4-6 hours
Price JPY15,000/group JPY25,000/group JPY30,000/group
※ Maximum capacity is 20/group
※ For National Government Licensed Guide, an additional JPY10,000 is required.  Max capacity of National Government Licensed Guide is 30/group.

※ All of the above prices don't include tax.

Our guides:

Hitoshi Noriko Akiko
He's moved to Miyama to do farming.  He loves beautiful landscape of Miyama and would like to introduce local's life styles and cultures to inbound tourists from all over the world.  His favourate area: traditions and culture; trekking; and farming. Started to live in Miyama in 2015, she loves communicating with locals; participating local events; visiting historic sites; and strolling along beautiful scenery of Miyama.  With full of warm hospitality, she'll explain details of thatched house traditions as well as local's lifestyles.  She lives in Keihoku town, an adjacent area of Miyama.  Fascinated by the beautiful landscape and rich culture, she moved from Tokyo with her partner.  She enjoys rural life with her family and would like to share beautiful traditional landscapte to inbound tourists.  Her favourate area: traditions and culture; cooking using local ingredients.



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