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Miyama Photo Stock - via Another KYOTO Media Library

Miyama Photos are available at Another KYOTO Medial Library

We share our photos of Miyama landscape (referred as "Miyama Photo Stock" below) at "Another KYOTO Media Library"  which are available for free subject to your compliance of the following procedure and the terms of use.  
(1) From the list of images in Another KYOTO Media Library, choose the image(s) to request.
(2) In respect of selected images, send "download request form" in which you must fill in media type and intended use.
(3) You will receive an email (automatically transmitted) which states URL and password for download the requested image(s).  Please use them.
(4) After your use, please send us completed site, magazine or other medium.
  In case of Web use, please send the URL to

  In case of printed material, please send one copy by postal mail or its electronic copy by email.
<Postal Mail>
 TO:  Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association
 Address: 23 Shimo Agake Miyama Town Nantan City Kyoto Prefecture 601-0722
Subject: Miyama Photo Stock - product delivery
Email address:

【Terms of Use】
〇 Editing or trimming image to substantially change the original image of any of photos in Miyama Photo Stock is strictly prohibited.

〇 Copyright of each image under Miyama Photo Stock belongs to Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association.  When you use it, our copyright notice below must always be specified:
          "©Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association"
〇 Miyama Photo Stock is made available for the purpose of sharing stunning beauty of Miyama’s landscape to those who love nature and traditions around the world.  Please always bear this basic concept in your mind when you use the image.
〇 The following conducts are strictly prohibited:

-    Producing products such as picture postcards, calendar, digital data collection etc. using the image of the photo for sale.
-    Using the image for specific religious purposes 
-    Transferring, leasing or selling the image to any third party
-    Using the image in violating any property or title of any third party
-    Any other usage of the image in violation of any law or public order

All images under Miyama Photo Stock are subject to copyrights owned by Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association. 

【Breach of the Terms】
Should any breach of any of the Terms arise, Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association is entitled to suspend the relevant use of the image.  

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us ( at any time.