Herbalist Club MiyamaHerbalist Club Miyama

Herbalist club restaurant has been open for thirty years. With over 200 specimens of herbs in their collection that you can freely view, this is a great place for fans of herbs and plant-based products. Their main menu items include herbal teas, coffee, black tea and seasonal desserts (mugwort chiffon cake, rhubarb tart, fig pie, and more). When the weather is warm you can sit outside in the herb garden and watch the butterflies and bees go from flower to flower. They are located near the Miyama Roadside Marketplace.


Name Herbalist Club Miyama
Address 〒 601-0733 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Nozoe Ebisu-dō 49-3
Business time 10:00 - 17:00
TEL 0771-75-1192
Fixed holiday Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and during the winter season (January to February)
Credit card Other