Hirai Shop - homemade local sweetsHirai shop

Baumkuchen using local soy beans milk

Miyama's one of the most popular souvenir sweets is Hiraya shop's Baumkuchen using Miyama's free-range eggs and soy bean milk made from Miyama's soy beans.

Hiraya shop's "tochi yokan", a bar of sweetened and jellied horse chestnuts paste, is also popular local sweets using Miyama's local ingredients.

Shop Information

Name Hirai Shop
Type Japnese style and western style confectionary production and selling
Address 27 Morimoto Kamihiraya Miyama Town Nantan City Kyoto Prefecture 〒601-0722
Map GoogleMap
Location 1 km from Miyama's Roadside Station (3 min. by car)
7.3km from Miyama's thatched village ( 12 min. by car)
Business Hours 5:30~18:00(Jun - Aug)
8:00~17:30(Sep - May)
Closed Year end through new year holiday period
Other than that, open unless otherwise noticed
Car parking 5
Credit Card Cash only