Kyoto Miyama Yuba YuuzuKyo Miyama Yuba Yuuzu

Homemade "addictive-free" Yuba (bean curd skin) made from 100% locally sourced soy beans

The owner of the shop is producing "addictive-free" homemade Yuba at his hometown Kyoto Miyama for hotels and restaurants in Kyoto City. With cooperation of local farmers in Miyama, ingredients of its Yuba is 100% locally sourced soy beans! Moreover, Yuuzu is also producing valuable black Yuba made from luxury Tamba black beans.

You can try Yuuzu's Yuba at "Higashiyama Yuuzu Restaurant" located within Higashiyama Gion area in Kyoto City.

Shop Information

Name Kyoto Miyama Yuba Yuuzu
Kyo Miyama Yuba Yuuzu
Type  Yuba production and retail selling
Address 16 Shindo Shita Matabayashi Miyama Town Nantan City Kyoto Prefecture 〒601-0731 
Map GoogleMap
Location 2.7km from Kyoto Miyama's Roadside Station (5 min. by car)
8.9km from Miyama's thatched village (14 min. by car)
TEL 0771-75-0019
FAX 0771-75-0019
Website 【On-line Shop】
Business Hours 5:00~18:00 *may vary
Closed Day Sunday
Car parking 5
Credit Card Not acceptable except On-line Shop  

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