Ishida Farm House (Japan Heritage Cultural Property)Ishida Farm House

The oldest Thatched Farmhouse in Japan

The Ishida Farm House is located in Ono District, west part of Miyama Town. With its clear record of construction period, it had been designated as Japan Heritage Cultural Property in May 1972.

During the investigation of this farmhouse conducted by Kyoto Prefecture in 1967, the ofuda talisman dated 1632 was found, which shows the house was built around that time. When the house had been restored to its original state in 1973, an another record, written in ink on the beam joint (keta no tsugite), showing “11th day of March, 1650” was found. The house is highly evaluated in its historic and cultural values.

Typical early Kitayama style private house. Inside of the house, all sides are made by boards, including walls and single sliding doors. Tatami mats are only in Zashiki room. On surface of posts and beams, you can see dapple pattern carving as a result from being shaved with hand axes.

Address Kashihara, Miyama Town, Nantan City 601-0777
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Open Saturday, Sunday and Holidays between March and November
10:00 - 16:00