Ohno Dam ParkOhno Dam Park

Enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn at Ohno Dam Park.

On the downstream of Miyama River (crossing Miyama Town from east to west), Ohno Dam is located at very west side of Miyama Town. It is the first multipurpose dam in Kyoto Prefecture for flood-control and electricity production which was constructed in 1961. There are hiking trails and the multipurpose field around the dam and the dam lake is surrounded by more than 1,000 cherry trees and over 500 maple trees. Locals as well as visitors from other areas enjoy “Sakura Festival (cherry blossoms festival)” in spring and “Colored Leaves Festival” in autumn.

Richly green dam lake "Rainbow Lake"

The lake is named as Rainbow Lake where people can enjoy seasonal nature in Japan. It is chosen as the one of the "Selected 100 Dam Lakes" in Japan by Water Resources Technology Center.

1,000 cherry trees.

These cherry trees were planted by locals by hands when the dam construction had been completed. All 1,000 trees will be in full bloom in early April. A lot of visitors come to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms during this time period. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms while driving alongside of the dam park on Pref. Route 12. Sakura Festival (Cherry Blossom Festival) is held in mid-April every year.

500 Maple trees turn into red!

In November as the temperature rapidly goes down, leaves of approximately 500 maple trees change their colors together with the leaves of trees on the mountains surrounding the Ohno Dam. "Colored Leaves Festival" is held during that period. Enjoy local foods sold in food stalls.

Nearby Attraction Sites

●Putting Golf Course
Putting golf course having 8 holes in total (3 courses).  In July 2017, its facilities are renovated.

●Hiking Trail
The hiking trail to walk around the dam lake to enjoy stunning landscape.

●Athletic Facility in the Dam Park (open air)