Sightseeing Farm EwaLand

At this mountain cottage nearby Miyama River, you can cook for yourself. They have an extensive ingredient list available, including items like vegetables, deer and wild boar meat, ayu (sweetfish), and more. There is a barbecue space at the cottage as well. There is a furnace, stone oven, even Dutch oven available for use in this kitchen, and you can request barbecue sets chicken hotpot, and even boar hotpot meals here too. Having a barbecue by the river is a popular activity all throughout the warmer months of the year.

Name Sightseeing Farm EwaLand
Address Shimokuroda, Ewa, Miyama Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture 〒601-0701
Map GoogleMap
Check-in/out Check-in: 15:00 Check-out: 13:00
Fixed holiday New Year's holiday
WiFi Available
Credit card Acceptable to reserve from MiyamaNavi
*Cash payment only at Ewa Land
Price for 1 night stay ▼Whole cottage rental/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays:
Cottage A(capacity-10): JPY48,400~
Cottage B(capacity-5): JPY36,300~
*No meals included in the above price.
*Dinner/Breakfast options are available with additional charge.
Contact us about the price.
Solo Stay Acceptable
Capacity 20
Car Parking 10 car spaces
Facility/ Service bath, kitchen
Equipments/ amenities soap, shampoo, rice cooker, pot, toaster