Q&A on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) related closures/cancellations in Miyama


In the circumstances where novel coronavirus infection is spreading worldwide, we receive several questions on closures/cancellations in relation to visiting Miyama town. Please let us share the answers for frequently asked questions we receive. Updated as of 26th April 2021.

Q: Can visitors enter into Miyama's thatched village (kayabuki-no-sato)?

A:To prevent spreading of coronavirus infections, facilities in Miyama's thatched village currently they operate under new normal after COVID19 (e.g. wearing masks, social distancing, etc.).  

We highly  appreciate all visitors also comply with standards of new way of life after COVID 19.
Also, please check closed day of each facility before you come.


Q: Is there any closures of sightseeing facilities in Miyama?

A: Some facilities in Miyama are closed due to COVID-19 infection spreading. Please check each facility before you visit.

Q: Is public transportation for Miyama (such as municipal bus) operating?

A: Municipal bus (Nantan City Bus) is operating as usual.  

◆Measures taken by Miyama's accommodations against novel coronavirus infection

All accommodations in Miyama Town implement following measures to prevent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection:

◆Staffs to wear masks;
◆Staffs to check temperature every morning;
◆Guest rooms and shared area are cleaned by alcohol sterilization; and
◆Notice for precautions to prevent infections is displayed at the reception.

Read the precautions for COVID-19 befer your travel.
For example, one of Miyama's accommodations is taking following measures.

Ryokan Chinsenro (please find below - cited from their official website)

"Our inn is making efforts to strengthen our standard practice to protect health and safety of our guests and our staff as well as public hygine  

◆ We strongly encourage our guest and staff to use disinfectant alcohols at reception, entrance of each room and other area. 
◆ We strongly encourage our guest to let our staff know immediately if he/she is not feeling well.  If he/she has any symptom such as fever or coughing, we will introduce nearby medical institutions immediately.   
◆ We are strengthening our standard practice of disinfection and sterilization of dishes and cups before serving meals.
◆We are strengthening our standard practice of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of all door knobs, remote controllers, switches, room keys, faucets in each guest room as well as in shared area.
◆For health and public hygiene of all guests and our staff, our staff will wear masks and strictly conduct proper hand washing, gargle and disinfection practice.

 Also, all staff check their temperatures before start working."

Cancellation of events

◆ Rice planting festival
◆ Water Hose Festival
◆ Spring Viewing Event of Paeonia Obovata


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association
TEL:0771-75-9030(Closed Wednesday)

Precautions for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infections within Nantan City

Nantan City is requesting residents of Nantan City to take measures to prevent novel coronavirus infection. Please refer below link.