Pizza&Cafe KajikanoPizza&Cafe Kajikano

At Kajikano you can enjoy freshly baked pizza straight out of their stone oven, made with toppings that include Miyama’s own deer and wild boar meat, free range chicken, wild growing mountain vegetables and herbs and many other local seasonal vegetables. They also have a drink menu that features cafe au lait made with Miyama milk, organic apple juice, and more. It’s also possible to get take-aways from here, so you can enjoy your meal on the riverside or at the Kayabuki no Sato. They are open from April to November, on weekends and holidays.

Name PIZZA&CAFE Kajikano
Address 〒 601-0713 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Naka shimomuko 56
Business time 11:00 - 15:00
Fixed holiday Monday to Wednesday / December to March
Credit card Other