This restaurant is located in a 140-year-old Japanese-style house in Kayabuki, and serves dishes made exclusively from products native to Miyama. As a matter of fact, their rice, vegetables, and mountain char are all home-produced. Course meals are available for parties of two and above, which can include assorted seasonal wild plants, single portion chicken dishes, soba noodles, large char sashimi plates, and salt-grilled char as well. Advance reservations (one day ahead) are required for the char as it is slowly grilled over a single tatami mat hearth to really bring out the flavour of this fish, but soba and the chicken hotpot dishes do not require a reservation.

Name Morishige
Address 〒 601-0724 Kyōto Nantan Miyama Chōnai Kubotani-No-Shita-Mo 15
Business time 11:00 - 15:00
Fixed holiday Sunday to Tuesday / January to February / New Year's