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Educational Tours in Miyama

Educational Tours in Miyama

We offer educational farmstay programs.

Since 2015, we started to accept middle school students in abroad.  In 2017, more than 400 students from Taiwan visited Miyama and stay overnight at local home.

Students will homestay with locals and try various rural Japan experiences, such as wood-chopping, dressing chickens, weeding, harvesting vegetables or playing in the snow etc.

Process after your inquiry to the Tour Date

○Inquiry from travel agency to Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association
○Explain the details of our program     
(2 to 3 months in advance from the Tour Date)
○Confirm the name of school(s) and the number of students visiting Miyama
(approx. one month in advance from the Tour Date)
○Confirm and finalize room assignment, food allergies and/or other details.
(one month or at least 2weeks in advance of the Tour Date)   
○ Adjustment in relation to the homestay, if any.

Sample Itinerary

  • Welcome ceremony

  • Experience various rural Japan everyday life experiences

  • Send off

<DAY 1>
- PM: Arrival Ceremony and Orientation
        Students will meet with his/her host family. Our staff give your students orientation about the program.

- Settle in each host family's house
- Experience various rural Japan everyday life experiences with host family. Students are asked to help the preparation of dinner with host family. 

- With additional price teachers can go in for a look-around. Our staff will drive you to the host family's house.

*Experiences vary depending on each host family.  
*The host families pick your students up from the meeting place (where the arrival ceremony is held) .

<DAY 2>
- AM: Departing Ceremony
        Depart from Miyama Town

Optional tours

Nearby sightseeing/visiting spots
- Thatched Village English Guided Walk: \11,000~/one group up to 20 PAX 
- Miyama Folklore Museum: Entrance fee \250 (High school students in 15 or more persons in group)


Contact:  Waka Takamido (Ms.)
(Closed on Wed.)