4 Places to see cherry blossoms in Miyama

Just like spring brings the promise of new life and new beginnings, the soft scent of cherry blossom brings a vibrancy and optimism to the people. Different variety of cherry blossoms bloom at different times in different locations throughout Japan. In Miyama, there are the popular Somei Yoshino cherries, weeping cherries, and mountain cherries as well.
A few weeks later than Kyoto City, Somei Yoshino cherry blossom front in Miyama goes from west to east alongside alongside Miyama River. In this season, the subtle palette of creams and pinks on mountains contrasts beautifully with the fresh greenery around it.
Here are four of the best locations to enjoy cherry blossoms in Miyama:

<1> Ohno Dam Park (Ohno)

The most recommended sakura (cherry blossom) viewing spot in Miyama is Ohno Dam Park.  Locals planted 1000 cherry trees 60 years ago when the dam has been constructed.  Today, we can enjoy cherry blossoms spreading around the dam lake.  There are hiking trails and the multi-purpose field in the park and you can spend an entire day to appreciate springtime air.

<2> Nagatani Sports Park(Miyajima)

More than 200 cherry trees, mainly weeping cherry trees, are surrounding the ground of Nagatani Sports Park.  It's located in the beautiful pastoral landscape with mountain backdrops behind them.

<3> Homyoji Temple (Tsurugaoka)

The cherry tree in the precinct of Homyoji Temple in Tsurugaoka is named "Homyoji Cherry Tree,"which was founded by SANO Touemon (the 15th), highly respected cherry tree guardian.   The double flowered cherry tree with a lot of flowers is a result of a mutation of mountain cherry trees.  Stunning beauty of lovely fluffy flowers in full bloom is gorgeous.


<4> Miyama Nature & Culture Village Kajikaso (Chii)

Lastly, you shouldn't miss lovely cherry blossoms along Yura River (Miyama River) between Miyama's thatched village (kayabuki-no-sato) and Miyama Nature & Culture Village Kajikaso.

The cherry blossom forecast for 2021 suggests spring will arrive sooner than usual this year.  
Last year's sakura events were dampened by the need for social distancing and other safety protocols due to Covid-19..  We hope Japan (and the world) will recover fast enough in time to appreciate this springtime phenomenon.

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