Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato)

Authentic Rural Japan Landscape - Miyama's Thatched Village

  • Miyama Folklore Museum

  • Little Indigo Museum

  • Chii Hachiman Shrine

The thatched village or Kayabuki no Sato is the most visited attraction in Miyama. Almost the whole village is composed of old thatched houses and is carefully maintained as a cultural heritage site. You can walk around the village and enjoy the atmosphere and the breathtaking views of the thatched roofs with a mountain backdrop. To get the best sense of the area and avoid the crowds, we recommend getting here early in the morning or visiting later in the day. Staying in one of the accommodations within the village will give you the most authentic taste of village life.

There are 2 cafes (Cafe Gallery Saika and Cafe Milan) and 2 B&B (Matabe thatched B&B and B&B Hisaya) in the village.  Almost all houses in the village are private houses used as living place of villagers.  If you'd like to see the inside of a thatched-roof house, visit Miyama Folklore Museum. 

If you have plenty of time to explore the village, we recommend you to book our tour, Thatched Village Guided Walk.  Our local English speaking guide shares the history and traditions of Miyama.   

◆Thatched Village Guided Walk - stroll around the village with local English speaking guide

Find out more about the village by participating the village guided walk (in English).  The local guide will explain details of thatched-roof houses as well as history and traditions of the village.
Tour Name Thatched Village Guided Walk (English)
Available Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun
Schedule ■Morning plan 10:00~11:00 
■Afternoon Plan 13:00~14:00
Minimum 5 adults
※ An additonal payment is required for a tour with less than 5 adults.
Price adult:JPY2,200pp; age13 - 15:JPY1,100pp; 
※ A group of less than 5: JPY11,000/group
Deadline  3 days prior to the tour date

◆ Highlights of Miyama's Thatched Village

Miyama Folklore Museum

You can see the inside of thatched roof house and learn about lifestyle of villagers. Going up to the attic where you can view the backside of the thatched roof.

Name Miyama Folklore Museum
Open Hours 10:00~16:00
Closed ・Closed Mon
・Summer Obon Holiday Closure Period (usually 8/10 - 8/17)
・New Year's Holiday Closure
Admission Adult \300/ Child (15 or below) free
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Little Indigo Museum

Located within Miyama's thatched village.
It's a privately owned museum of indigo dyeing artist, Hiromichi Shindo.
1st floor is his studio where you can view jars for indigo dyeing.
On the 2nd floor, you'll be impressed by beatiful collections of dyed fabrics from East and West, from Japan and abroad, such as tie-dye from Indonesia and Nigeria, soctumes of the Miao people of China as well as work clothes from 18c in Japan.

Name Little Indigo Museum
Open Hours  11:00~17:00
Closed ・Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays(Open on holidays)
・Closed during winter period
Admission Fee  \300
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Chii Hachiman Shrine

Chii Hachiman Shrine is the main shrine of 9 surrounding hamlets (including Miyama's Thatched Village) in the region.  The precinct of the shrine is designated as the heritage site by Kyoto Prefecture. Also, the main building of the shrine is designated as the Kyoto Prefectural Cultural Property.
Name Chii Hachiman Shrine
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◆Restaurant and cafe in Miyama's Thatched Village

Restaurant Kitamura

Handmade soba noodle using 100% soba buckwheat grown in the village is highly recommended!
If you want to try making soba, make reservation for "Soba making workshop." (Prior Reservation is required)
Name Restaurant Kitamura
Open Hours 10:00~15:00
Closed ・Wednesdays
・New Year's Holiday Period
Reservation Seat reservations are not accepted
If you prefer to have handmade soba, we recommend you to make reservation for handmande soba in advance. Only a limited number of handmade soba dishes are served per day.
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Cafe Gallery Saika

Closed on Tue.
Thatched roof old folk house cafe near Miyama Folklore Museum.  
Relax and enjoy homemade sweets using Miyama's fresh ingredients.
Name Cafe Gallery Saika
Open Hours 11:00~17:00(l.o. 16:30)
※subject to change depending on the season
Closed  ・2023.04~: Tuesdays
・New Year's Holiday Period
Map Google Map

Cafe Milan

Cream custard using free range eggs in Miyama and Miyama Milk gelato are popular menu.  Have a break after exploring the village.
Name Cafe Milan
Open Hours Weekdays 10:00~17:00
Weekends 9:00~17:00
Closed Mondays, Wednesdays
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◆Thatched Roof House Inn in the village

Matabe Thatched B&B

Matabe is a thatched roof house inn, tranquil and relaxing place to stay.  One group of guests per night.  Guests can use this inn as though it were their family home.  Enjoy local chicken sukiyaki for dinner and Japanese breakfast surrounding irori sunken hearth in the next morning. 

Name Matabe Thatched B&B
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B&B Hisaya

Thatched roof house old folklore house B&B since 1995.   One group of guests per night.  Staying at Hisaya gives you a sense of what it is like to live in a Japanese country village.  Hisaya is also open for lunch during weekends (closed day on an irregular basis)
Name B&B Hisaya
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◆Car Parking

●Parking Fee
Sightseeing bus \3,000/car
Mini-coach \2,000/car
Standard-sized car \500/car
Motorbike \200/car
●Parking Hours
Summer (April - November) 9:00 - 17:00
Winter (December - March)  10:00 - 16:00

* Public restrooms in the parking space is only available during parking hours. 
* Please put the above fees into the parking fee payment box during outside parking hours.