Restaurants and inns you can taste Ayu (sweetfish) in Miyama

Restaurants and inns you can taste Ayu in Miyama

Ayu is inhabiting only in fresh water, feed by wild moss growing in river bed.  Ayu grown in Miyama river is well known in its tasty flavor and had won second prize in the national Ayu competition several times. To protect the precious wild Ayu resource, natural Ayu is prohibited to be collected during October to May.  After ban being lifted in June, Ayu is available in restaurants and accommodations in Miyama.  Enjoy once a year local delicacy in Miyama!!

List of restaurants and accommodations you can taste Ayu  

Name Reservation Google map
B&B Harimaya required map
Ashiu Yama-no-Ie required map
Sightseeing Farm Ewaland required map
Ryokan Chinsenro not required *lunch map
B&B Maruya not required *lunch map
Restaurant Kajikaso not required *lunch map
Takeyoshi not required *lunch map
Isobe required  map
Ryokan Kigusuriya required map
Yururi required map
B&B Miyama required map

*Details of Ayu cuisine menu of each restaurant/inn is subject to availability.