Miyama Roadside Station

Roadside Station “Miyama Fureai Hiroba” is located at Agake, center of Miyama Town, on Route 162.  It is 30km north east from Sonobe IC via Pref. Route 19.  The area is surrounded by mountains and old rural Japan landscape with thatched roof houses besides the Miyama River.  The red big bridge over the Miyama River close to the Roadside Station is a symbol of this area, Hiraya District.

Here, make sure to stop at Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center (Miyama Tourism Association) to find out where to visit in Miyama, including sight-seeing spots, attractions, restaurants, inns and/or any activities in Miyama Town as well as the information regarding Kyoto Tambakogen Quasi-National Park.  Also visit “Furatto Miyama” which has great assortment of products made by local farmers as well as craft items, all of which make great souvenirs.  Try gelato and cream puffs made from Miyama Milk at “Miyama no Megumi Milk Studio”.  You may need to wait in a long queue, but it’ll be worth it. 

The place you can find Miyama's fresh local ingredients.

Address Agake, Miyama Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0722
Car Parking Spaces for 73 cars(24 hours available)
(Large Vehicle 4・Standard Car 65・Disabled Car  4)
Public Toilet Male 6 Female 6 Baby crib 1
Disabled Toilet 1 / Parking Space 2台
(24 hours available)
Place to visit Furatto Miyama, Miyama no megumi Milk Studio, Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center 
Other  Pay Phone 1