Miyama’s Thatched Village Water Hose Festival

As the thatched village is very flammable and a site of cultural and historic interest, it is protected by an elaborate system of 62 water hoses that automatically spray water over the whole village if a fire breaks out.
Every year, May and December, the hose system will be tested by the local fire brigade and it is quite a spectacular sight.
The fire drill will also be operated on rainny weather.
The water spray creates rainbows over the thatched houses and the festival is always well attended.
Name Miyama’s thatched village water hose festival
Date Spring:20th May 2024
Autumn:2nd December 2024
TIME 11:30~11:35 (5 mins)
Location Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no sato)
Address: Kita, Miyama Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture 〒601-0712
Inquiry info@miyama-kyoto.com



Parking area (Reservation required)



On the event date, the place will get very crowded due to number of tourists every year. The conservation committe of thatched house village and Kyoto Miyama tourism association have decided to intorduce pre-reservation system for all vehicles (Bus, Car, Bike, Taxi) arrive on the day of the event.
Kindly proceed pre-reservation procedure for the parking area on the event date.
The parking charge will be applied to the conservation and preservation of the traditional landscape in thatched house village.
We highly appreciate your cooperation in advance.


Tour bus JPY 10,000
Mini bus JPY 5,000
Car/Jumbo taxi JPY 1,500
Bike JPY 500

*The charge will be applied to the following time slot.
Tour bus 9:00~11:30
Mini bus 9:00~11:30
Car/Jumbo taxi 9:00~11:45
Bike 9:00~11:45

■Accepting Reservations date
9:00, 27th March 2024~
*Accepting Reservations will end once the vacancies are full.

■Payment method
Payment needs to be done by credit card.

The charge will be applied to the conservation and preservation of the landscape.
Show your confirmation E-mail at the parking area.